Mr Eds Put in Bay Front
Inside Mr Eds Bar at the Commodore Resort

Best Sandwiches in Town

Mr Eds Bar Burger

Bronco Burger with Fries and a cold beer

Bronco Burger with Fries and a cold beer

Inside Mr Eds Bar Put in Bay
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Enjoy the Patio Bar at Mr. Ed's Bar

Enjoy the Patio Bar at Mr. Ed's Bar

Mr Eds Put in Bay Ohio Logo
Green Room put in bay
Put in Bay Green Room Bar

Dance the weekend Nights away at the GreeRoom Bar

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 MR EDs Bar and Grille

Mr Eds Put in Bay Ohio Logo

 Mr. Ed’s Bar and Grille, located in the heart of  downtown   Put-in-Bay on Delaware Ave, connected to the  Commodore Hotel, is one of the premier spots on the island.  Only being on the island for ten years, Mr Eds has become a must needed stop for great food and great entertainment.  Known for their tasty wings, burgers, large sandwiches, fresh cut french fries, perch, and wraps, Mr. Ed’s is now known as not only a great bar, but now a restaurant with one of the best menus on the island.  Come visit us during the islands best happy hour Monday thru Thursday and look for our specials! Check out our coupons and Discounts!

Looking for a place for a private party?  Maybe a bachelorette party?  Business meeting? Let Mr Eds help!  Whether just needing a table reserved for dinner or having us cater a party for you up to two hundred people.  Our second story deck is available to rent out for private parties, weddings, field trips, or any other event.

At Mr. Ed’s, we take pride in trying to make your visit to the bay as much fun as possible.  Our friendly staff is willing to do anything to make sure you keep coming back time after time.  We built our success on giving the customer the quickest and best service on the island and making you feel like you were not at a tourist spot but a local bar.  Our goal is to make you the customer feel like he is one of us where our staff already knows what you drink and calls you by your first name.  So stop in and visit us in your trip to Put-in-Bay.  You might even be able to have a drink with Mr Ed himself.

Google Streel View Mist Pool

Google Street View

Please click on the 2 photos below to enter Google Street View. You can use your mouse to look around Mr Eds Bar and Grille. Click and hold the left mouse button and take a look. If you click on any arrows it will move you to the next place. You can walk your way all the way into the bar. Click on the Green Room also. Give it a try, Very Cool.

We also have Inside of MIST Pool Bar and Tiki Bar.

Click and follow the links to go to the MIST Pool Bar where you can find street views

Street View Mr Eds Bar and Grille Put in Bay

Street View green room

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