How far in advance should I make Put in Bay lodging reservations?

It is suggested that you make Put-in-Bay lodging reservations very early in the year especially if your stay involves a weekend. Put-in-Bay hotel rooms are limited on the Island and booking early will help insure you get the dates you want. You may book online by visiting our accommodations page and selecting the room of your choice.

How do I get to Put-in-Bay Ohio?

We have two ferryboat operators that service the Island. The Jet Express and the Miller Ferry links may be found on our homepage.

Do I need my car on the Island?

We recommend you do NOT bring a car to the Island. Aside from the expense associated with transporting your vehicle, parking is very limited on South Bass Island. Waits to get a car on or off the Island can run as long as four hours. Hotel rooms located on the accommodations page of this site are located in town and just a short walk from most attractions. In 2013 we are opening a new property at the end of the street called Victory Landing which will offer golf cart and moped rentals.

What is the weather like in Put-in-Bay Ohio?

The weather at Put-in-Bay is much like all of northern Ohio coastal communities. In spring and fall a light jacket our sweatshirt is recommend for evenings. Island dress is casual. Current weather and a 10-day forecast may be found in our weather section. Just remember, it NEVER rains in our great restaurants and bars!

Do your Put-in-Bay hotels have a minimum stay?

On weekends, our hotels require a two-night minimum. On holiday weekends there is a three-night minimum. There is no minimum stay requirement Sunday thru Thursday nights where Sundays are not on a holiday weekend.

Can I bring alcohol to my Put-in-Bay hotel room?

Yes, all of the hotels featured on www.putinbay.com permit you to bring your own beverages to the privacy of your own room or rental home. You may not bring your alcoholic beverages into any of our bars or poolside bars as they are considered part of the liquor permit premises. There is no need to bother bringing beer and wine from the mainland as we have carryouts here on the Island with prices comparable with those on the mainland. There is no liquor store on the Island.

What time do the Put-in-Bay bars close?

As a general rule, most downtown Put-in-Bay bars close around 1:00 am. Mr. Ed's Bar is the only bar open on Delaware Ave. till 2:30 am.   There are two other late night bars on the Island though: Level 2, and the Brewery, that are also open til 2:30.

Where can I eat late night or when the bars close?

For a quick, healthy, tasty treat after a long night of drinking;  stop by the Commodore Hotel lobby!  Here you will find those famous "Five Dollar Footlongs" from Subway Restaurant, which is open til three am.

Do I need a driver's license to rent a golf cart?

Yes! Golf Carts are treated as licensed motor vehicles on the Island. All traffic laws apply including open container laws as well as drinking and driving. In 2013 we are opening a new property at the end of the street called Victory Landing which will offer golf cart and moped rentals. We will rentto licensed drivers over the age of 18. For those under 18 but holding a valid license, a parent or guardian may rent a golf cart for your use.

Can I walk from bar to bar with a drink in Put-in-Bay?

NO! As anywhere in Ohio, we have an open container law. No alcoholic beverages may leave a liquor permit establishment. This is strictly enforced.

What if I miss the last ferry?

This is not recommended! Trying to find a last minute hotel late in the evening can be difficult if not impossible.

Do I need advance reservations for the ferryboats?

No! Our ferryboat services can transport as many as 300 people per trip and have numerous boats. Arrive early for your trip to Put-in-Bay!

What bands are playing in Put-in-Bay?

Check our entertainer pages for your favorite entertainer!

Does Put-in-Bay have a school?

Yes! Put-in-Bay has a k-12 school that is located in the downtown area.

Is there a grocery and a place to buy beer and wine?

Yes! There is a full service grocery on the Island on Catawba Avenue. There is a drive thru with beer and wine located next to the Boathouse Bar and Grill on Hartford Avenue.

What is Put-in-Bay's operating season?

Our season starts April 1st and our last big weekend is the Halloween weekend the last weekend in October. Off-season activities include walleye and perch ice fishing.

How do you get back and forth from the Island in the winter?

When the ferryboats stop running, there are several charter airlines that fly in and out of Put-in-Bay. When there is a cold winter, a few brave souls drive their vehicles, snowmobiles and 4 wheelers across the ice to the mainland.

How old do I have to be to rent a moped?

You must be 18 years of age to rent or operate a moped.

How far are you from Cedar Point?

Both ferryboat lines can be reached from Cedar Point in about 20 minutes.

Where is the best place to eat in Put-in-Bay?

That is a tough one! There are a wide variety of great dining choices on the Island that serve an even wider variety of food. While touring the Island, stop in and look over the menus to determine your choice! A popular choice is Mr. Ed's Bar & Grille

How many people live on the Island in the winter?

There are about 480 full time residents on the Island.

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